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Worthy Farm here we come...

It's the final countdown doodle-oo-doo, doodle-oo-doo-doo!! Woohoo!!

It's here at last, last minute rushing around for bits & pieces & time to start organising your trolleys & carts & rucksacks, this, ladies & gentlemen, is it. Your humble forecaster has had one last look at the charts over at netweather.tv (thanks again guys, we really really appreciate your help with this bit of nonsense) and have one last stab at seeing what we're in for over the rest of this festival week.

I've deliberately ignored other forecasts for this, you can find those yourself & see if they look any different, today is just our view on what is going to happen based on the pretty pictures we've been looking at.

Overall, we have a low pressure sitting off SW Ireland that tracks slowly across the the UK as it moves towards Scandinavia, gradually spreading out & less deep as it does so & never quite letting in the high pressure nudging away at it to our West. This low pressure system swirling around us is what's going to give us our showery & unsettled weather over the festival period.

As the system moves across us, it means the wind changes from an initially warm southerly direction to what will be cooler, moister north-weaterly, before returning to our traditional south-westerly that funnels straight through the festival site. Speeds aren't too bad though, around 10mph, so while you might have a bit of flapping canvas to cope with when you're putting the tent up it shouldn't blow down.

Temperatures are nothing to write home about. Expect a maximum of 18-19 during the day, cooler in the moist breeze, and a minimum of around 11-13 under the cloudy nights. Those relatively high overnight temperatures could combine with high humidity to make it feel quite sticky at times, and there could well be early morning mist & lots of dew once the campfire smoke gives the moisture something to condense around, as well as late evening dankness.

The high humidity could also indicate some thundery rumbles here & there, particularly over night Thursday & later on on Friday. Some of that thunder could give us some short sharp showers, but they won't last long, & while they might make things sticky underfoot they won't flood the place.

As for the rest of the rainfall, it's mostly very light & showery, & we may get long periods of just general murk & grey cloud without any significant rainfall at all. If we get a bit of luck, we might get a break in the clouds & no rain for the solstice on Thursday (Stone circle, 4am, be there!), but mostly it's light showers all the way. The exceptions could be the Friday & Sunday headliners, where things should be a lot clearer.

So, overall, the song remains the same - sunny spells, mostly cloudy, scattered showers (some heavy), a bit murky & a bit sticky. There's always time to change though, and people arriving later in the festival could end up telling us that the BBC are predicting sunshine all the way.

Finally, very finally for this forecaster before I pack up my troubles in my old kit bag and head southwestwards, I say this to everyone who has spread alarm with tales of mud, of flood, of torrents of turgid water & gooeyness underfoot: "You don't have a ticket do you?". That's right sap, you're just trying to make me feel like I'm going to have a rubbish time just because of a bit of rain, & it isn't working.

I will be at Glastonbury festival. The festival 400000 people wanted to go to and many thousands more who were too stupid to register for tickets in time wanted to go to as well.

Mud? You think I give a flying fig about mud? Was 2005's storm not worth it for the sheer awesome power of mother nature? Do you think I'd be in the least bit bothered because I might get a bit damp? What sort of moany attitude would that be? This is Britain damn you, Great Britain!

This is the nation that invented cricket, and football, and beer. This is the nation that defeated those uppity Frenchies, saw off the Hun (not once, I might add, but twice), and defeated the Japanese when the Americans needed a bit of help. This is the nation that spread its wings until a third of the globe called Victoria their Queen, that survived the blitz, built railways and spread the joy of tea. Would this sort of attitude have made us great?

Would history recall the battle of Agincourt as gloriously if King Henry V had urged "Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more, ooh hang on tho, bit nippy out eh"? No, I think not.

Would we have been inspired to repel the forces of evil had we heard this over the radiogram? "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, unless it's raining then we'll have to wait a bit - Tuesday alright for you?".

I don't think so weatherwatchers, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party, to take this damned festival by the scruff of the neck & kick it into life. We are the festival, we are what makes it great, and we will prevail over a bit of drizzle early in the morning brightening up to give sunny spells later in the afternoon but some possible showers in the evening.

Get your ticket in your hands, get to Pilton and let's get it on.


  1. Anonymous Daisy | 19 June 2007 at 10:40 |  

    At last, a weather report with a sense of humour and some real advice! My dance to the Sun God and sacrificed chicken may still work...
    If it doesn't, thank you for the pep-talk, see you at Worthy Farm :o)

  2. Anonymous redmuz | 19 June 2007 at 11:06 |  

    good god YES! thats the best rallying cry ever. TO THE STONE CIRCLE AND NO SKIMPING ON THE BONGOS!!!

    thanks you glasto festival forecast for these weeks of amusement, photosopped delights and the kind of in-depth meteorological investigation us glasto goers crave....

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 5 July 2007 at 13:01 |  

    Any chance of some photos and a little piece about why? Why damn it? Why?

    I'm still in a state of shock & I had wellies & a coat. I fell face first into it & I had a small wee down my very own leg. I'm still disturbed.

    I found a little piece of mud stuck to the back of my earing last night & I cried.

    Drainage my arse.

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  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 11 April 2008 at 10:44 |  

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